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COVID-19: Business Recovery Program (10M Worth of Discounts for MSME's Business Digital Upgrade)

COVID-19 outbreak is distressing all size of businesses across the globe, together with an irresistible sense of panic, many businesses either temporarily closing or considering budget cuts and layoffs. With an increasing number of COVID-19 positive patients’ daily, this pandemic is clearly a health and safety risk in all industries, sectors and communities.

On March 2020, majority of Governments all over the world enforced travel bans reducing both local and foreign tourist to less than 50% globally, and implemented a nationwide lock-down in their respective countries. Though it’s too early to accurately forecast the economic effects of this COVID-19 pandemic, we can surely learn from the past to level the Plain-field and make the right decisions moving forward.

Resilience: Let’s all turn these Challenges into a Safe and Sustainable Business Opportunities

While everyone seems to be on their long vacations full of uncertainties, let’s all consider this event as a global reset button. Instead of wasting your time, sitting, sleeping, eating and watching movies all day long, why not go back to your draw board and start planning your business digital upgrade as part of your business recovery program.

Vital Question: MSME Businesses

"How can we quickly and effectively propel our businesses to adjust, develop and endure this new market environment? “.

Answer: Resilience and Be Digital! 

Let’s all turn these challenges into a Safe and Sustainable Business Opportunities! How? Let’s dig in further. Firstly, please be reminded that we are all going through a rough time and experiencing low to zero household and business income, budget cuts and lay-offs, resulting to not having enough cash-flow to support our needs, so getting sick is really not an option. So, to begin with here are some of the tips that we can do to manage the bleeding.

  • Apply for a Low interest, Non-Collateral Loan to banks, financial and lending institutions with a possible 5-6 months grace period.
  • Humbly discuss and negotiate your unpaid obligations to your creditors - like the rental fees to your landlord, and propose if they can waive the rental fees during the lock-down period, or to use your security deposit to cover up unpaid rents, and promise to return it before the year end.
  • Minimize unwanted Operating and Capital Expenditures, such as reducing some of your subscriptions, conserve use of utilities and buying unnecessary equipment.
  • Disengage on-demand redundant employees or associated services, rather than terminate your regular employees. Giving your staff voluntary unpaid leave or simply minimize their working days and hours, rather than terminate their employment.
  • Conduct Staff training on how to prevent the spread of the virus and disease like promoting better personal hygiene and stock up on surgical mask and gloves.
  • Create online marketing and advertising campaigns to inspire confidence to your potential clients and then encourage sales conversion by providing them sales discounts.

In addition, due to the implemented travel bans or even after the lock-down has been lifted, social distancing still need to be observed, business meetings or gatherings in person is still not advisable. So, the worst thing that you can do even after the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is to do business manually, expose your staff to sell your products and services to incubating COVID-19 person, who knows? These challenges like restricting people to move around and do business can surely result to lack of clients, sales conversions and cash-flow, leading to a permanent business closure.

But, if your business is online and digital ready, you can easily do business and transact with your clients all at your fingertips! Without the need to meet them in person, just to discuss the benefits and sell your products and services. Having a Digital business that is online 24/7, now really speaks for itself, as it can surely endure this new market environment during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, what if your business is still offline? Well, that is when Stafify comes in. Stafify is a Non-Voice Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and a Digital Agency Company in the Philippines, built to reduce your local expensive labor and operating cost with a cost-effective, offshore staff and turnkey solutions that seamlessly engages with your goals, objectives, prerequisites, culture and requirements. So, what do you think? Does it sound like a plan? See Business Digital Upgrade Solutions below:


Manual Sending of Proposal In Person VS Digital Forms or E-Proposal


Brick and Mortar Store VS Profile or E-Commerce Website



Taking Order Via Slips VS Punching Order On-The-Go Via Digital Mobile P.O.S.


Contact Us Today! Stafify can help you digitally upgrade your business, and start turning challenges into business opportunities. Click the link below to start ordering your Business Digital Upgrade Solutions below.

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