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Career FAQs


Can I still apply even I'm living outside the Philippines?

Unfortunately, our career opportunities are only available to Filipino talents who are currently residing in the Philippines.

How long is your Career application processing time?

If you are shortlisted, the Career application process normally takes between 7-14 business days.

Do you offer long term or short term project based?

We offer both project-based, short-term, and long-term jobs that can last with a minimum of (3) months to years.

If there aren't any suitable role for me, can I still apply?

Send us your resume and we will keep it in our database and keep you posted via email.

What will happen if I don't pass my Client interview?

Our recruiters will check if there are any available or future roles that fits your qualifications, so, you need to undergo our re-assessment process. 

    Once I'm engaged, what will be my work schedule?

    Normally, it will be based on the time-zone of your client, sometimes, they will allow you to work within your local time-zone.


    • Full-time (Independent Service Providers) needs to work and to stay logged-on for 9 hours daily with (60) minutes lunch break, and two 2 x (15) minute coffee break.
    • Part-time (Independent Service Providers) needs to work a minimum of (4) hours daily with one 1 x (15) minute coffee break.
    • You will work on Eastern Daylight Time, which is (12) hours behind of Manila, if your Client is located in New York, United States.

    What is your minimum system requirements for a home office set-up?

    • Isolated and Quiet Home Office
    • Reliable Internet Connection at least 10 Mbps (D/U)
    • Up-to-date Working Desktop PC or Laptop
    • Headset with Noise Cancelling
    • Required Apps and Software
    • Others

    If you encounter an internet connection interruption or power interruption at home, you may work alternatively from a strategic and ideal location such as coffee shop or co-working space.

    How you will track my actual working hours?

    All independent service providers (ISP) are required to logged-in throughout the entire shift. You will log into our time-tracking system at the start of each shift, every few minutes the system will then captures your screen.

    In order to keep your client updated on what you are working on, you are required to update your activity tracker every (30) minutes. Our time-tracking system is also used to record your time-attendance and prepare your payout.

    How long is the probationary period?

    First six (6) months; however the client may disengage your contract for any reason with (15) days notice period, after this time (30) days notice period is required.

      Remuneration (Pay)

      How will I be paid?

      Payment is via GCash. Any bank transfer is acceptable within the GCash app.

      What currency am I paid in?

      In Philippine Pesos.

      What is your payout schedule?

      You will be paid twice a month every 15th and 30th except weekends, and public holidays. Your payout will be disbursed to your registered GCash account real-time.

      How much will be my payout?

      We payout our independent service providers (ISP) competitive salaries per hour as a strategy to attract the best applicants. Payout on the other hand depend on your skills and work experience. 

      How about overtime pay?

      Paid at the normal agreed billable hours.

      How about paid sick leave and paid holidays?

      As an Independent Service Provider/Contractor or policy is no work, no pay.

      How about allowances for HMO, internet, electric, and meal?

      The above mentioned benefits are not offered to any of our independent service providers/contractors.

      How about deductions for my benefits contributions and/or taxes?

      As an independent service provider/contractor, you will have to pay and process your own taxes, benefits, and insurance as an individual or voluntary member.


        What notice period do I have to give if I want to resign?

        All independent service providers/contractors tendering resignation is required to render at least (30) days notice for proper service turn-over before they can completely stop working.

          Can I re-apply to different role?

          You have to undergo the evaluation process again.

          Do I get any termination pay?

          There is no termination pay. But, after you attended the debriefing session, you will be paid the usual total billable hours / days you worked for the client, unless there are any pending or on-going client disputes against you.

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