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How it Works

1. How Offshore or Onshore Staff Leasing (Managed Operations) Works?

Through the years Stafify has identified that Offshore or Onshore Saff Leasing in Managed Operations Model (Co-Managed in Work-From-Home or Office-Based Setup) is the most effective, ideal and recommended Outsourcing and Offshoring model for our valued Clients to become Competitive, Sustainable and Profitable Business against the competition with up to 70% labor cost savings.


Gaining access to Incomparable talents, processes, and support make it all easy and effective in Outsourcing Staff to the Philippines. Scalability is no longer a problem as it allows you to start with one or more offshore or onshore staff as per your requirement, and scale them quickly without the expensive overheads.


1. Brief & Discuss

Let us know about your business, your goals, and objectives for us to identify if the offshore or onshore staff leasing model is feasible for your business requirement, If not, we will then recommend an alternative offshore or onshore staffing solution.

2. Recruit & Engage

In order to find suitable candidates from the local market, we will use your job descriptions. Afterward, shortlisted applicants will be presented, for you to screen and interview your ideal staff that tailor-fit your business operation and culture.

3. Manage & Operate
Now, it’s time to onboard and put them to work. You now have full control over your offshore staff, in regards to their workflow, productivity, and work quality, of course, we are always here to help, you are not expected to manage and operate them alone.

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2. How Project Based Outsourcing Works?

It's pretty straight forward just simply browse our available Business Solutions for your business requirements today, click the link to learn more. https://www.stafify.com/collections/project-based-outsourcing

3. How Onshore Staff On-Demand Works?

Select from Stafify pool of sensibly vetted Onshore Staff, and find the best price and roles that you need On-Demand. From Short term to Long-term, from Household, Hospitality to Healthcare roles all at your fingertips, click the link to learn more. https://www.stafify.com/collections/onshore-staff-on-demand