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How it Works

1. How Staff Leasing (Full-Time or Part-Time) Hourly-Rate Works?

1. Brief & Discuss

2. Recruit & Engage

3. Manage & Operate

Staff Leasing is a cost-effective Staffing solution for Clients looking to hire full-time or part-time professionals that seamlessly engages with your goals, objectives, prerequisites, culture, and requirements. Register User Account to Build Your Team.

Step-By-Step Process

2. How Staff Scout Works?

Staff Scout is on-demand, organic sourcing, and recruitment with a dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist for Clients seeking to hire staff directly or in the platform, the said service includes job posting and shortlisting of candidates on your desired social recruitment channel. to learn more click this link.

3. How Staff Payout Works?

Staff Payout is a subscription-based time and payout management service with a dedicated Payout Officer for Clients seeking to outsource their payout work, the said service includes timesheet and billable hours computation and preparation of payout disbursement for your staff to learn more click this link.

4. How Service Marketplace Works?

1. Post Your Project

2. Shortlist Best Bids

3. Award Winner

Stafify Service Marketplace is an E-Commerce Marketplace Platform created for Clients looking to hire for fixed-price, one-time projects or milestone-based projects, and for Agencies or Freelancers to Bid and Work on Client Projects.


4. How Service Marketplace (For Merchants) Works?

Simply Register, Post and Sell your Office Leasing Services and start receiving Clients from Stafify Service Marketplace to learn more click this link.

5. How Staff On-Demand Works?

1. Search Service or Task

2. Choose Service Provider

3. Book & Enjoy the Day

Select from Stafify pool of sensibly vetted Staff, and find the best price and roles that you need On-Demand. From Short term to Long-term, from Household to Business roles all at your fingertips, click this link to book.

6. How Project-Based Outsourcing Works?

It's pretty straight forward just simply browse our available Turn-Key Business Solutions for your business requirements today, click this link to start buying projects with clear scope. 

7. How Seat or Office Unit Leasing Works?

Simply browse our available Office Leasing Solutions for your Business requirements today, click the button below to start setting up your office.

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