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Client FAQs

1. Offshore or Onshore Staff Leasing (Managed Operations)


How does your recruitment process work?

First, send us your job description and other business operating requirements. We will then source, screen, interview and send you the list of the finest candidates. Then, choose which candidates you’d like to interview via Skype, Zoom or GMeet. If none of our candidates meet your requirements, we will keep on looking for the right candidate that is suitable for the role.

How can I attract the finest Candidates?

Having a great and detailed job descriptions, is one of the key components on how to attract the best candidates for your vacant role. During the interview, it’s imperative to discuss and outline your company’s culture, qualities and why your company is a great place to work.

What is my Offshore or Onshore Staff working schedule?

We will match your Offshore or Onshore Staff working schedule based on your preferred time zone. Normally, full time staff work 9 hours per day with 1-hour lunch/dinner break and part time staff work 4 hours per day.

How soon my Offshore or Onshore Staff can start working? 

Your Offshore or Onshore Staff can start once you have completed and submitted the following requirements (Signed Client Services Agreement, SOW - Statement of Work) and the (1) Month Advance Payment for our Monthly Service Fee for the Account Management, Support, Admin, HR, Payroll, Direct Staff Cost and Other Benefits of your Offshore or Onshore Staff, plus the Offshore Seat Leasing if applicable.

Once we have received the following, we will brief your Offshore or Onshore Staff regarding work schedule, other startup requirements and can start on the next immediate available date.

Contract Duration Options?

  • 3, 6, or 12 Months Subscription

What about terminating my Offshore or Onshore Staff? 

In the first six (6) months, your offshore staff is on a probationary period. Throughout this time, you can terminate your Offshore or Onshore Staff with a (15) days notice period, after this time (30) days notice period is required given that all payments due to your offshore or onshore staff are all settled.

Why do I need your Offshore or Onshore Staff leasing service?

Our rates are highly competitive compare to your local rates. Also, there is a lot that should go into the process, including the huge amount of work that’s required in hiring your own Offshore or Onshore Staff in the Philippines, such as:

  • Advertising across multiple career sites
  • Searching large resume banks
  • Interviewing and Shortlisting Applicants
  • Previous Employment Background Checking
  • Applicant’s Skill-set Testing
  • Management and Operations (Office and IT Infrastructures, Admin and HR and other required Labor related requirements)

Not to mention, it’s improper and prohibited in the Philippines to directly engage someone for work without the aid of a BPO Company, Recruitment or Offshore Staffing agency, that will intermediate and secure both parties. Specially, if you haven't established a physical business here in the Philippines. Furthermore, if you are still decided to hire independent contractors remotely on your own, you will surely experience the following:

  • Work Attrition
  • High Turn-around Rate
  • Unreliable Working Schedule
  • Unpredictable Staff Demands


How to effectively manage my Offshore or Onshore Staff?

Always include them in your weekly team meetings, so that they’re always on the same track as the other team members and lastly, keep all possible lines of communication open.

How can I track Offshore or Onshore Staff Work Performance?

Simple, by establishing a KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) that can help alot to retain an on-going work performance record of your Offshore or Onshore Staff activity, and to ensure that all of your offshore staff are aligned with your business operations goals and objectives moving forward.

What are the best way to communicate with my Offshore or Onshore Staff?

There are tons of online management tools available but, through the years we have identified the following applications listed below as the most recommended and effective online management apps.

  • Dropbox (Cloud File Collaboration and Storage)
  • Google Drive (Cloud File Collaboration and Storage)
  • Skype (VOIP Platform)
  • Slack (Unified Business Management Platform with Built In Communication System and other Business Related Application Integrations)
  • Toggl (Time Tracking App) Works with Desktop and Mobile Devices


What currency am I billed?

  • US Dollars (USD)

What is your invoicing process?

Your 1st invoice is for the remaining working days for that month including the (1) Month Advance Payment for our Monthly Service Fee for the Account Management, Support, Admin, HR, Payroll, Direct Staff Cost, and Benefits of your Offshore or Onshore Staff, this must be paid prior to your Offshore or Onshore Staff starting date.

Moving forward on the 1st of each month, you will receive an invoice for (1) month in advance and adjusted for actual worked hours in the previous month, then you’re expected to pay your invoice on or before every 3rd of the month to settle your Offshore or Onshore Staff salary and other related charges every 15th and 30th of the month. As you can see it’s very important that all contractors are paid on time.

How do you accept payment?

  • PayPal (Debit or Credit Card)
  • International Money Bank Transfer (Excluding Transfer Fees)
  • $1 = Current Exchange Rate or P50.00 WIH

      What if my Offshore or Onshore Staff wants to take a vacation or sick leave?

      No work, No pay for Offshore or Onshore Staff Leasing (Managed Operations) in Work From Home Setup.

      What if I require my Offshore or Onshore Staff to work overtime?

      You will be billed at the agreed and updated hourly rate of your Offshore or Onshore Staff in USD.

      How about Public holidays?

      Eighteen (18) paid regular and special holidays per year as provided under Proclamation No. 831 (2015 Declared Holidays) Normally, your Offshore or Onshore staff will request to take the day off, but it always depends on your preference, if you would like your Offshore or Onshore Staff to work on Philippines’ public holidays or on your local public holidays or totally require them to work on these days, but subject for additional billing.

      What are the basic benefits and commitments to your Offshore or Onshore Staff?

      For Offshore or Onshore Staff Leasing (Managed Operations) Work From Home Setup

      • Overtime Pay (Equivalent to Agreed Hourly Rate)

        For Offshore or Onshore Warm Seat Leasing (Managed Operations) Office Based Setup

        • Overtime Pay (Equivalent to Agreed Hourly Rate)
        • Plus, any other benefits as mandated by law.

        Night Differential or Night Shift Pay (Not Less than 10% of Agreed Hourly Rate) Between 10 PM - 6 AM PHT
        Benefits (Social Security Services, Philhealth, Home Development Mutual Fund, and Health Insurance - HMO)
        (12) Days of Paid Service Incentive Leave (For Vacation or Sick Leave) and (18) Days of Paid Regular or Special Public Holidays
        Prorated 13th Month Pay or Equivalent to (1) Offshore Staff Monthly Salary for Each Year of Service. E.g. Monthly Salary of $800 USD / (12) Months = $66.66 USD * (6) Months of Service = $400 USD
        Final Pay or Last Month Pay Including Earned Salary, and Bonuses (Voluntary Offshore or Onshore Staff Resignation)
        Separation Pay or Equivalent to (1) Month Staff Salary. E.g. (1/2) Monthly Staff Salary for Each Year of Service (Illegal Termination of Offshore or Onshore Staff)

        2. Project Based Outsourcing

        What is Project Based Outsourcing?

        It's pretty straight forward simply browse our available Business Solutions for your business requirements today, click the link to learn more. https://www.stafify.com/collections/project-based-outsourcing

        3. Onshore Staff On-Demand

        What is Onshore Staff On-Demand?

        Onshore Staff On-Demand is another outsourcing model intended and designed for local businesses in the Philippines that requires service based contractors on a task basis on-demand. With this service, local businesses can book for a Front Office Personnel or a Dinning Attendant to help them on peak hours or peak seasons, click the link to learn more https://www.stafify.com/collections/onshore-staff-on-demand

        What are you waiting for?