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How Staff Leasing Works?

Staff Leasing (Full-Time or Part-Time) Hourly-Rate

How It Works?

  1. Posting - The Client needs to Accomplish and Submit the Staff Leasing (Inquiry Request) Form.
  2. Approval - Stafify Admin will then Approve or Disapprove the Staff Leasing (Inquiry Request). If Approved, The Staff Leasing (Inquiry Request) will be posted and ready for Application. If Disapproved, Stafify Admin will communicate the reason to the Client.

  3. Sourcing - The Assigned Relationship Manager will check the talent pool and Post the Job or Role to start the Sourcing of the Applicants.

  4. Interview - The Client and the Relationship Manager will Interview and Shortlist the Applicants.

  5. Selection - The Client and the Relationship Manager will Hire the Perfect Candidates.

  6. Payment - The Client will pay for the Direct Staff Cost and Stafify Monthly Service Fee in Advance within twenty-four (24) Hours.

  7. Contract Signing - The Relationship Manager will submit the Client Services Agreement on behalf of the Staff to the Client. The Client needs to sign the Client Services Agreement within five (5) Working Days in order for the Relationship Manager to Onboard the Client and the Staff. In the event, that the Client abandoned or ignored this step without reasonable cause, the Advance Payment will be forfeited and non-refundable.

  8. Onboarding - The Relationship Manager will Onboard and Sign Up both the Client and the Staff to a Private Communications Platform.

  9. Commencement - The Client Discuss and Directs the Job and the Staff will Commence on the Job. 

  10. Management - The Relationship Manager will send Regular Updates to the Client regarding the Work Schedule, Time Sheet, and Billable Hours of the Staff.