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Warm Seat Leasing

Offshore or Onshore Warm Seat Leasing (Staff + Workstation)

Offshore or Onshore Warm Seat Leasing is a type of seat leasing service that provides an end-to-end offshore or onshore staff and workstation solution to local and foreign clients who wants to establish low-cost offshore or onshore business operations.

Offshore or Onshore Warm Seat Leasing Inclusions

• Offshore or Onshore Staff
• Office Leasing (BPO Standard Office)
• BPO Standard Working Computer Set, Table, and Chair
• IT Network Infrastructure & Utility (Electricity)
• Common Usage of Office Amenities (Security, Housekeeping, Common Restroom, Public Wifi, Surveillance, Roving Inspections, Power Generator, Dentist and Doctor Consultation)


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